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St. Martin



And Commissioned Lay Chaplains

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The Order of St. Martin of Tours

The Order consists of men and women of the Anglican Tradition who join in the life of the Order through the disciplines of Daily Morning and Evening Prayer, vows of Purity, Simplicity, and Obedience, and the Rule of Life of the Order. 
The Order is the JAFC community of prayer, devotion and accountability whose members, through a process of discernment and commissioning, serve as Lay Chaplains and Chaplains in Mission. 

Commissioned Lay Chaplains
Qualifications and credentials necessary for Commissioned Lay Chaplain (CLC) require the highest levels of competence through certified and approved education, training, and supervised ministerial experience. Qualified candidates receive instruction through the CLC Training Academy program. Commissioned Lay Chaplains are installed in the Order of St. Martin de Tours, an active religious community under the Bishop's authority.

The Commissioned Lay Chaplain (CLC) program was developed to meet the increasing demand for qualified, educated, and trained Chaplains to function in secular settings, such as hospitals and community settings, that do not require the Chaplain to be ordained. CLCs may be vocational or volunteer, and may or may not require formal ecclesiastical endorsement. However, in order to represent the ACNA, they must be commissioned, charged, and endorsed by the Bishop of the Armed Forces and Chaplaincy on behalf of the ACNA to their mission work.

For more information contact:

The Very Reverend Norman Beale, Abbot


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